Unplugged Performance 17-21 Model 3 Ascension Rear Bumper and Diffuser System (UP-M3-304-1.1)


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Unplugged Performance ascension rear bumper and diffuser system for the 2017-2021 Model 3 is extremely lightweight and strong with 52% (8.4 lbs) over the factory rear bumper and undertray.

Product Features

  • Available in autoclave produced prepreg carbon fiber or autoclave produced prepreg PFRP flexible fiberglass
  • Produced with the same materials, equipment and same factory as million-dollar race car body panels

Optional Rear Diffuser Fins

  • Optional Ascension R Diffuser Fins for a more aggressive look with greatly improved rear downforce and efficiency generated by the underbody tunnel
  • The design has been machine-optimized with CFD to produce optimal aerodynamic effectiveness for the track while maintaining easy-to-drive and easy-to-live-with ground clearance
  • Easy to install and remove without removing the rear bumper
  • Produced in prepreg carbon fiber
  • These fins are designed only to fit the Unplugged Ascension rear bumper. They will not fit a stock rear bumper

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