ACS 18-21 Model 3 AWD/RWD M3 Spoiler (51-4-001)


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ACS M3 Spoiler for the 2018-2021 Model 3 is a full width rear deck spoiler that sits on top of the low profile duckbill shape of the trunk. By extending the Tesla's rear truck outward its sporty look is enhanced.

This spoiler is a balanced minimalism concept that features two integrated wickers. The wickers will provide some down-force while not being too excessive to tarnish the excellent drag coefficient the Tesla Model 3 is known for.

The ACS M3 Spoiler is made in plastic injection, which creates a lightweight and heat resistant spoiler that will not distort and warp over time. The painted Gloss Black M3 Spoiler sets it apart from the rest of your Tesla giving it a distinguished appearance.

Nothing complicated about the M3 Spoiler installation. No body shop or drilling is required. The spoiler comes pre-installed with two strips of double sided tape. Simply peel the tape, and position the spoiler per the instructions.

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