Maier EV 21-23 Model 3 Body Kit (MFTM3KITB)


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Maier EV Model 3 Kit for the 2021-2023 Model 3 the front spoiler, rear spoiler, side skirts, and side skirts extensions.

The front spoiler reduces the amount of air going under the nose. A nice bi-product is that it also directs air up into the radiator. Additional cooling under significant spirited driving is helpful on the EV/Tesla.

The rear spoiler is must-have accessory for anyone looking to enhance the appearance and performance of their vehicle.

The Maier Tesla Model 3 aftermarket side skirts to go with the Maier front and rear spoilers. These side skirts are mounted with 2 sided 3M tape and four screws in the factory locations the floor. Drilling the 4 holes in the Maier side skirt is required.

The side skirt extensions fit behind the rear wheel and are a continuation of the line created by the side skirt.

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