Maier EV 21-23 Model 3 Front Spoiler (MFTM3SFB)

Maier EV 21-23 Model 3 Front Spoiler (MFTM3SFB)


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Maier EV Front Spoiler for the 2021-2023 Model 3 is designed to reduce the amount of air going under the nose. A nice bi-product is that it also directs air up into the radiator. Additional cooling under significant spirited driving is helpful on the EV/Tesla. Maier found roughly 1 second in lap time improvement in this design.

Maier uses plain weave Toray carbon fiber 3k TOE, 200gsm dry. This is woven by Composite Fabrics of America in Taylorsville, NC. They also use a layer of fiberglass in the middle for impact or damage stability as well as polyester resins & clear gel coat for Marine applications to address the UV stability.

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