Mountain Pass Performance 21-23 Model 3 Cooling Party Controller (MPP-TM3-CPC-001)

Mountain Pass Performance 21-23 Model 3 Cooling Party Controller (MPP-TM3-CPC-001)


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Mountain Pass Performance Cooling Party Controller allows you to run your Model 3 harder and longer on the track, and is the main need-to-have-item if you don’t have Track Mode in order to delay the time it takes for power reduction to set in when your Model 3 starts overheating. This Cooling Party Controller will run your Model 3’s cooling system at its maximum output – turning up the water pumps and AC compressor to the max to get the heat OUT. This device can be used while driving, charging, or even supercharging.

Starting your sessions with the cooling systems at a lower temperature can significantly delay when power reduction occurs on the Model 3, as the battery will overheat after around 7-9 minutes on a factory cooling system depending on ambient temperature, the circuit layout, and the driver’s abilities. Starting with the vehicle pre-cooled extends the amount of time you can run before you experience power reduction and overheating of the battery or drive units.

Mountain Pass Performance's Cooling Party Controller kit includes our MPP designed microcontroller in a CNC-machined aluminum enclosure, the wiring harness which has been produced with MIL-Spec harness practices including Raychem heat-shrink protecting the wires. A USB port on the device allows for software updates in the future if required.


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