Mountain Pass Performance 21-23 Model 3 MoTeC C125 Display (MPP-TM3-MOTEC)

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Mountain Pass Performance MoTeC C125 Display for the 2021-2023 Model 3 has the ability be able to analyze straight-line acceleration, racetrack laps, or even use it to judge your driving ability through the canyons when the display and logging option is enabled.

The C125 was the central starting point for the idea to put an instrument cluster in the Model 3. The next steps were to build a plug and play wiring harness and bracket to complete the kit. Mountain Pass designed a CNC cut black anodized aluminum bracket that installs easily requiring only a small slot at the top of the steering column trim panel for the bracket standoff. Once installed the dash can be removed with 2 easy to access cap screws if you’d ever like to remove it, and only a smooth flat piece of aluminum will protrude a few millimeters from the steering column cover – this dash can very much be a “track day only” component if you so desire!

With Display Creator, you’re able to design your own layout. So if you’d like something moved, or prefer a different gauge, or say you want a totally different layout from the way we supply the dash – you have the ability to go and change everything with an extremely powerful interface.

With the optional logging upgrade, the display becomes an insanely powerful data logger. Logging unlocks the ability to analyze your laps, see where you are gaining and losing time compared to other laps, evaluate the performance of the car and see how you can improve as a driver. With logging channels such as steering angle, accelerator position, battery power, g-force, and wheel speed sensors the data system becomes as powerful as what many professional racing teams use. There is no doubt if you learn how to use this tool your driving will improve by seconds at a time.

The wiring harness is plug-and-play with the exception of splicing into the cigarette lighter power wire, but Mountain Pass includes the splice and glue-shrink to perform a professional connection there. The harness includes a provision for a GPS antenna, connection to the vehicle’s CAN bus and the ethernet communication panel cable. Complete installation including trimming of the steering wheel column trim takes around 2 hours for an experienced mechanic or audio installation expert.

The kit includes everything required to get up and running – just plug it in and go! No configuration or software skills needed.


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