Mountain Pass Performance 21-23 Model 3 MPP.R Nür Rear Drive Unit Oil Cooler (MPP-TM3-DUC-R)

Mountain Pass Performance 21-23 Model 3 MPP.R Nür Rear Drive Unit Oil Cooler (MPP-TM3-DUC-R)


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Mountain Pass Performance MPP.R Nür Rear Drive Unit Oil Cooler for the 2021-2023 Model 3 is a plug and play oil cooler using trusted motorsport proven components that really works, with ZERO compromises.

Under normal track circumstances, the Tesla cooling system will focus the AC compressor’s cooling output to the battery, lowering the battery coolant temperature. The radiator will be solely in charge of cooling both drive units. Eventually, the powertrain gets too hot, and the system needs to use the AC compressor to cool both the powertrain and the battery, at which point the system quickly overheats as the battery inlet temperature rises, resulting in battery limiting.

The oil cooler is a perfect method to remove a huge amount of heat efficiently, as the difference in temperature between the oil and the air would be very high, even on hot days. The heat removed from the oil cooler would effectively be heat no longer going into the powertrain loop, as the heat exchanger between the oil system and the powertrain loop is located after the oil cooler. This will lower the water temperature of the system – which in turn will lower the inverter temperatures, and the temperature of air passing through the AC condenser, as that is located behind the radiator. This would increase the AC system efficiency which in theory would help with battery cooling.


Fits these vehicles: Model 3 RWD, Dual Motor, Performance, Performance w/PUP.

Product Features

  • Setrab oil cooler core
  • Built-in 342cfm fan
  • Motorsport Aeroquip Starlite hoses with crimped fittings, as found on professional level motorsport vehicles
  • CNC machined, MPP designed oil filter plate specifically designed for the Model 3’s drive unit
  • Included 1/8″ NPT port for temperature sensing or switching control of the fan
  • Laser-cut aluminum brackets included for a plug and play install
  • Massive heat rejection from this cooler, one of the first MPP.R cooling upgrades to come for enhanced endurance
  • Made in Canada (brackets and filter plate), the USA (oil lines) and Sweden (oil cooler)

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