Mountain Pass Performance 21-23 Model S & Model S Plaid Camber Adjustable Rear Lower Control Arms (MPP-TMS-RLCA)

Mountain Pass Performance 21-23 Model S & Model S Plaid Camber Adjustable Rear Lower Control Arms (MPP-TMS-RLCA)


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Mountain Pass Performance Camber Adjustable Rear Lower Control Arms for the 2021-2023 Model S and Model S Plaid allow for complete camber and bump steer tuning, easily accessible from underneath the car for fine adjustments.

Mountain Pass Performance uses an OEM production sealed bearing – delivering the performance of a spherical with the durability of an OE part. The sealed bearing is just like a ball joint, it is solid and has virtually no compliance while being lubricated and protected from corrosion. Since this part is from an OEM vehicle – and they use only the highest quality OEM bearings, you know this joint will endure the test of time.

Mountain Pass Performance also uses a turnbuckle allowing for precise adjustment. Rather than use jam-nuts – which always affect the alignment when locking down the nuts – their clamping system allows the alignment technician to perfectly set the alignment, then tighten the clamp bolts without throwing off the setting. The turnbuckles are made from stainless steel – so they will never corrode or rust. The arms are CNC machined out of 6061-T6 aluminum, and anodized blue for durability and aesthetics. Arms come as a pair of two and are warrantied for 3 years.

ese billet aluminum arms come fully assembled and preset to the factory length. We always recommend using anti-seize lubricant to prevent any galvanic corrosion between the aluminum and stainless steel adjuster, and the arms are supplied with anti-seize applied.


Fits these vehicles: Model S 2021+, Model S Plaid

Product Features

  • A kit including 4 arms – replacing all lower arms on your Palladium’s rear suspension
  • Manufactured and Assembled in North America
  • CNC’d from billet 6061-T6 aluminum rather than using steel tube, they look almost as good as they function
  • Stainless steel adjusters and hardware
  • Clamps on the threads mean precise, quick alignments
  • Sealed spherical bearings will last the lifetime of the car
  • Eliminate rubber bushings, feel a true connection to the road
  • No noises or wear, unlike other brands using spherical rod ends
  • Preset to the OEM length for a quick bolt-in installation, drive to your alignment shop
  • Three year warranty

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