N2itive 17-20 Model S/X Adjustable Rear Upper Camber Arms (SX2)

N2itive 17-20 Model S/X Adjustable Rear Upper Camber Arms (SX2)


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N2itive adjustable rear upper camber arms for the 2017-2020 Model S and Model X including N2itive's new patent pending ride height compensation bracket on all versions! This bracket allowed us to change the position of the adjuster to the inside to accommodate much easier access when aligning the car. The bracket will automatically compensate for the change in arm length at all times to maintain a stable ride height position under any circumstance. Furthermore on the electroless nickel plated black version N2itive has incorporated their new patent pending multi-alignment recall scale, allowing the user to preset multiple alignments and then recall them without the need to revisit an alignment shop! Both firsts in the automotive world! This is really helpful for those who like to race their cars. With their multi-alignment kit installed you can set one alignment for the track, one for the drag strip and one for the street. This way you can drive your car to the track or drag strip and set the optimal alignment on location and then when you’re finished set it back to street mode to preserve the wear on your tires. One thing worth mentioning regarding this feature… In order to take full advantage of this you will need the ability to adjust your toe arms with the same multi-alignment kit on your toe arms as well. N2itive will have their multi-alignment toe arms available early next year. At the moment they have our adjustable TSX-1 Pro toe arms which are amazing but do not currently have the multi-alignment ability.

N2itive designed the SX-2 adjustable rear camber arms for both track use and to address the common inner tire wear issues that plague the Tesla Model S and X. They recommend using the SX-2 in combination with their TSX-1 Pro adjustable toe arms as in their Alignment Kit 1 or 2 (full camber kit). Adding adjustable rear toe arms becomes all the more necessary if you’re planning to install these on a lowered Tesla or a high mileage or older Tesla. Their SX-2 arms will allow you to add or remove rear camber to your liking. These are a direct drop-in replacement for the original Tesla rear camber arms and come preset to the length of the original non-adjustable arms. All N2itive products are made with the highest quality materials and craftsmanship for years of endurance and come with an unmatched 6-year to lifetime warranty.

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Product Features

  • Suitable For All Tesla Model S/X Vehicles 2012 – 2020 Pre-Refreshed
  • NEW Ride Height Compensation Bracket! (Patent Pending)
  • Made From The Best Materials: 4140 Chromoly, Heat Treated High Grade Aluminum, Strong Class 10.9 Bolts, Chemical Resistant Rubber
  • Anodized Matte Clear Natural, Red, and Bright Black Nickel Plated Finish Options
  • Great Corrosion Resistance

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