N2itive 17-23 Model S/X Alignment Kit 1 (KIT1)

N2itive 17-23 Model S/X Alignment Kit 1 (KIT1)


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N2itive alignment kit 1 for the 2017-2023 Model S and Model X is designed to address the common acceleration shudder and inner tire wear issues that plague the Tesla Model S and X. N2itive’s Alignment Kit 1 will reduce the premature wear on your half-shafts (drive axles) to help prevent the onset of this problem. This kit allows your half-shafts to be more on-axis with your wheels to reduce binding that causes damage.

If your Tesla X or S suffers from the inner tire wear issues, this same kit will completely eliminate this problem and allow you to achieve up to 2-3x more life out of your rear tires. Furthermore your Tesla will have improved handling and responsiveness, and improved aerodynamics, efficiency and mileage. This is currently not possible with the factory supplied non-adjustable control arms and suspension parts. All N2itive's products are made with the highest quality materials and craftsmanship for years of endurance and come with any necessary hardware for a complete installation. A 6-year to lifetime warranty is included.

Ships direct from the manufacturer. Check stock availability in advance before placing your order.

Product Features

  • Camber Arms come with the N2itive Ride Height Compensation Bracket (Patent Pending)
  • Camber Arms have the N2itive Multi-Alignment Kit Installed (Patent Pending)
  • Suitable For All Tesla Model S/X Vehicles
  • Made From The Best Materials: 4140 Chromoly, Higher Strength Aerospace Grade Heat Treated Aluminum, Strong Class 10.9 Bolts, Chemical Resistant Rubber and Silicone
  • Matte Red, Matte, Clear, and Electroless Nickel Plated Black Finish Options
  • Improved Corrosion Resistance over Anodized Finish

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