Unplugged Performance 17-23 Model 3 & Model Y Enduro Drive Unit Oil Cooler and Magnetic Filter (UP-M3MY-348-1-1)


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Drive Unit

Unplugged Performance enduro drive unit oil cooler and magnetic filter for the 2017-2023 Model 3 and Model Y is a direct replacement of the factory oil filter on drive units. Drive unit cooling capacity is increased by utilizing an efficient radial finned design combined with an approximately 10% higher capacity enclosure. Motor life is further safeguarded by utilizing dual magnetic media debris catches to extract metal shavings from the drive unit. The oil filter is a larger capacity and uprated 5 Micron filter. The net result is a drive unit that can run cooler and also run cleaner with less metal debris.

The oil cooler design is optimized for each drive unit to provide maximum volumetric sizing. A cooling efficient radial fin design is implemented to the billet aluminum machined unit, which is then finished in a heat-efficient hard-anodized treatment. As a result of the design, there is more fluid capacity and better thermal characteristics than the oil filter it replaces.

The internal oil filter is easily replaceable during standard intervals and widely available worldwide. Usability is kept in mind including a convenient drain plug for quick sampling of oil.

Product Features

  • Larger capacity internal filter area with 5 Micron filter media improvement over factory
  • Utilizes K&N filtration technology. K&N filter is easily replaced and sourced
  • K&N Replacement Part #KN-155 for Front (smaller unit)
  • K&N Replacement Part #KN-650 for Rear (bigger unit)
  • High capacity (approx 10% additional) power-unit fluid volume
  • Internal dual ‘Magnetic Media’ debris catch
  • Radial Cooling Fin Heat-sink Design for maximum heat transfer
  • Conventional Drain Plug for ‘quick sampling’
  • Billet aluminum construction
  • Hard-anodized in black for maximum heat rejection

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