Unplugged Performance 17-23 Model 3 Ascension-R Racing Bucket Seat Package (UP-M3-343-7.1)


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Unplugged Performance Ascension-R Racing Bucket Seat Package for the 2017-2023 Model 3 are designed to allow the driver to feel a direct connection to the car.

Unplugged Performance partnered with Sparco and utilize Sparco FIA approved Italian made seats as a base. Unplugged Performance released a bolt in/bolt out track day harness bar as well as a Willians x Unplugged Performance FIA-approved racing harness. Together the 3 items create the ultimate weekend warrior solution for proper racing use. The harness bar unbolts cleanly for a factory look in less than 5 minutes and stores flat in the garage, meanwhile the seat unbolts just as fast.

Unplugged includes new hardware with every seat that allows the factory seat belt receiver to be used and they also include an eye-bolt for easy implementation of a racing harness. Perhaps the most challenging topic of seating is the deep computer integration of Tesla’s standard seats. Removing the standard seats on a Tesla creates a number of errors and in some cases renders the car completely not operable. To combat this challenge Unplugged included an exclusive purpose-designed seat harness emulator. The included harness emulator allows the factory driver’s side seat and harness to be removed together intact and the car to function for racing despite the factory driver’s seat and harness being absent from the vehicle. The passenger seat may be removed and replaced with their bucket seats and the vehicle will still be able to race. There may be airbag/occupancy warning errors when removing the passenger seat but this will not impact racing usability.

Product Features

  • Sparco FRP QRT-R Textiled Finish Seat or Carbon Fiber QRT-C Fiberglass Seat Options
  • Unplugged Performance Model 3 Seat Base
  • Custom Driver Seat Harness Emulator
  • Sparco Seat Rails
  • Sparco Slider
  • Hardware
  • Eye-Bolt and Bracket for Optional Harness Use
  • Optional Upgrade to Unplugged Performance Alcantara Finish with “Full Black”, “Plaid Mode” or “Vintage Racer” design

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