Unplugged Performance 17-23 Model 3 & Model Y Billet Adjustable Rear Toe Arm Set (UP-M3MY-314-1.1)


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Toe Arm Version

Unplugged Performance Billet Adjustable Rear Toe Arm Set for the 2017-2023 Model 3 and Model Y allows greater freedom in alignment settings. Performance drivers depend on optimization of alignment for faster lap times. Adjustable rear toe can be utilized to improve steering response and grip in a variety of performance driving environments.

Each toe arm features precision laser cut, CNC bent and TIG welded steel outer forks for robust strength, as well as Precision bored and TIG welded steel inner eyelet construction for a precise fit. Two bushing options- one for silent street applications, and one for pure competition applications.

Silent and Low Vibration: Unplugged's Street & Track Day version utilize a high-end German OEM sealed & self-lubricating spherical Teflon bearing.

Preset Every Time: Every toe arm is assembled in a jig that is preset the match the factory rear toe arm length. This simplifies installation by giving a factory toe baseline with every set.

Street and Track Version

Prioritization on reduced noise and vibration utilizing an OEM sealed bearing sourced from Mercedes-Benz. This design offers reduced deflection, meaning that when driving hard, the alignment is more consistent mid-corner, which improves handling feel and predictability. Far superior to rubber or urethane bushings.

This results in quiet use, reduced vibration, low maintenance, and long life. This is directly comparable in feel, and quiet usage to other sealed bearing designs on the market.

Competition Version

Trading a little noise and vibration for an even more direct feel on the race track by utilizing an open spherical bushing (dust boot included) as typically found on race builds. This is directly comparable in feel, noise, and vibration to other racing orientated products on the market.

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