Unplugged Performance 17-23 Model 3 & Model Y Front Lower Control Arm Bushing Set (UP-M3MY-355-1.1)


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Unplugged Performance Front Lower Control Arm Bushing Set for the 2017-2023 Model 3 and Model Y features a complete bushing replacement for the standard front lower control arm, greatly reduces all of the issues related to the standard rubber bushing including wheel hop under acceleration and braking, toe deflection, and steering slop. The result is improved traction, steering feel, and durability without increase in noise. Unplugged Performance created these at the Nurburgring and prior to release they put them to the test more than a full year with over 15,000km of track use our Nurburgring Model 3 development car.

Product Features

  • Complete sealed spherical bushing replacement for Front Lower Control Arm (also known as Compression Rod or Thrust Arm)
  • Sealed bushing construction allows silent operation and durability for street and track use
  • 6061 aluminum and stainless steel construction
  • Developed at the Nurburgring and manufactured nearby in Germany
  • Left and right set with included snap ring and hardware
  • Compatible with all Model 3 and Model Y variants
  • Installs into (but does not wholly replace):LWR COMP LINK ASSY LEFT HAND 1044354-00-A and LWR COMP LINK ASSY RIGHT HAND 1044359-00-C

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