Unplugged Performance 17-23 Model 3 UP x Koenigsegg Ascension-R Front Wide Fender Set (UP-M3-306-3.1)

Unplugged Performance 17-23 Model 3 UP x Koenigsegg Ascension-R Front Wide Fender Set (UP-M3-306-3.1)


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Unplugged Performance UP x Koenigsegg Ascension-R Front Wide Fender Set for the 2017-2023 Model 3 allows you to run wider wheels and tires to deliver maximum grip for on-track performance. The standard Tesla Model 3 cannot accommodate more than roughly 275-millimeter section width front tires with a street alignment or in extreme cases 295-millimeter with aggressive race camber. This fender pairing replaces the original front fender entirely with a 20 millimeter wider version to accommodate the widest possible front tire. This enables the use of performance tires up to 315-millimeter section width (with supporting Unplugged Performance front upper control arms) through widening and reshaping the fender for extreme clearance while maintaining a subtle aggressive shape. In CFD validation A/B tests in combination with Unplugged's Ascension-R package the front fenders when added provided a 15lb further increase in front downforce with a drag increase of only 6lbs due to the aero efficient shape.

Product Features

  • Produced from Koenigegg’s proprietary design autoclaved dry carbon fiber to help keep overall weight low, while maintaining high-rigidity
  • Signature Koenigsegg carbon fiber weave throughout
  • Available in a gloss clear coat, high shine finish on the exterior
  • CFD developed ultra aero efficient low drag design with front downforce optimization
  • Four pieces with a left and right fender plus a left and right fender cap to allow normal front bumper removal at any time
  • Inner fender liner extension to maintain fender liner functionality
  • Trimming of the factory front bumper and bumper brackets are required to run optimal tire sizes and wheel offsets
  • Professional installation is recommended
  • Made in EU by Koenigsegg Advanced Manufacturing exclusively for Unplugged Performance

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