Unplugged Performance 17-23 Model 3 UP x Koenigsegg High Efficiency Trunk Spoiler (UP-M3-305-7.1)

Unplugged Performance 17-23 Model 3 UP x Koenigsegg High Efficiency Trunk Spoiler (UP-M3-305-7.1)


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Unplugged Performance UP x Koenigsegg High Efficiency Trunk Spoiler for the 2017-2023 Model 3 bring all the same high-performance aerodynamics with the ultimate in dry carbon fiber construction from the artisans at Koenigsegg.

This spoiler helps improve the aero efficiency of the Tesla Model 3. Using the latest in aero simulation and CAD technology, Unplugged engineered a spoiler that looks great, is simple to install (no drilling), doesn’t impede the rearward visibility of a driver, and most importantly, reduces overall drag! The High Downforce version adds a gurney flap which increases downforce levels significantly and although the gurney flap removes some of the efficiency gains it has a net neutral result on drag despite the substantially increased rear downforce.

This spoiler was able to reduce total vehicle drag by 6.3%, representing an improvement of 273% over the OEM spoiler available on the Performance trim level. In addition to the efficiency improvements, rear downforce (helping to improve stability at speed) is increased by 83.7% over having no spoiler at all.

Product Features

  • Produced from Koenigegg’s proprietary design autoclaved dry carbon fiber to help keep overall weight low, while maintaining high-rigidity
  • Installation via ultra-strong automotive-grade 3M double-sided tape for easy installation and removal, with no modification to the vehicle necessary
  • Signature Arrow-weave carbon fiber construction
  • Available in a gloss clear coat, high shine finish
  • Made in EU by Koenigsegg Advanced Manufacturing exclusively for Unplugged Performance

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