Unplugged Performance 17-23 Model Y Dirt & Snow Coilover Suspension Kit (UP-MY-311-9.1)


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Unplugged Performance Dirt and Snow Coilover Suspension Kit for the 2017-2023 Model Y was designed to maintain the excellent on-road driving dynamics of the Model Y chassis while providing inches of extra ground clearance for all-terrain and all-weather.

This dirt and snow coilover kit is designed to provide 2 inches of extra clearance on its own. These coilovers provide a smooth ride that is compliant over all surfaces.


  • True functional lift with significant added suspension travel. Keep it at stock height or lift your Model Y up to 2 inches. No additional hardware is needed! If you are looking to lift your car further, you can do so by pairing this Dirt and Snow kit with some of our adjustable suspension links.
  • Gain the ability to massively increase ground clearance for snow, rough roads, standing water, and other obstacles.
  • Maintains sporty and precise driving dynamics on the road.
  • In combination with appropriate wheels & tires allows for insane off-road capability.
  • Increasing ride height and running off-road tires are both detrimental to range and efficiency. This suspension will work great with stock wheels and tires and can be set to a stock ride height as needed for commuting or road trips as desired.

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