Unplugged Performance 17-23 Model Y Luxury Coilover Suspension Kit (UP-MY-311-3.1)


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Unplugged Performance Luxury Coilover Suspension Kit for the 2017-2023 Model Y features a wide spectrum of adjustment for both height and damping is engineered to satisfy street and track uses. A quick setting adjustment truly changes the nature of how the car drives in a way that is immediately felt. When the coilovers are set to soft, the ride is significantly softer and more comfortable than the factory springs and shocks. Meanwhile, as the coilovers are turned up firmer, the car becomes a highly precise canyon carver and track animal.

Product Features

  • Height Adjustable – Fully personalize the height of your Model Y. Keep it stock height or lower it up to 2 inches. No additional hardware is needed! If you are looking to go even lower, you can do so by pairing this Luxury kit with our adjustable Rear Spring Arms and Front Upper Control Arms.
  • Damping Adjustable – One easy-to-use 30-way adjustable control simultaneously adjusts the ratio of Rebound and Compression damping. Rebound damping regulates the speed at which your shock bounces back from an impact (pothole, bump, hard cornering). By adjusting rebound damping, one can customize the ride and handling of your Model Y for your needs.
  • Quick adjustment knobs allow instant adjustment of damping in seconds, without tools.
  • Correct droop setting at any height – Independent ride height adjustment ensures correct preload setting without sacrifice and handling loss at different heights. Unplugged's products are uniquely suited to perform at a wide range of heights.
  • High flow D port pistons + super low friction seals and rod guide bushings.
  • High-end monotube design – Lighter and more consistent performance when driven hard. No cost-cutting measures utilizing less expensive twin-tube designs. Our monotube design also prevents aeration and shock fade inherent in twin-tube coilovers.
  • Progressive bump stops.
  • Swift springs that are vehicle-specific. These allow increased rear spring travel due to a factory upper spring shape that bypasses the need for an adaptor/spacer.
  • Like our Dual Rate Lowering Springs, the Unplugged Performance Coilover Suspension Kit is a simple and straightforward installation onto your Tesla Model Y
  • Valved & Assembled in the USA
  • Rebuildable and re-valvable in USA

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