Unplugged Performance 2021-2023 Model S Plaid GT Rear Strut Tower Brace (UP-MS2-136-1.1)

Unplugged Performance 2021-2023 Model S Plaid GT Rear Strut Tower Brace (UP-MS2-136-1.1)


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Unplugged Performance Rear Strut Tower Brace for the 2021+ Model S Plaid and Long Range provides increased chassis rigidity resulting in better in-turn response, tighter driving experience and even reduced interior squeaks and rattles. The front suspension of the Model S is braced by the firewall and front strut tower bar from the factory, however the factory setup for the rear of the chassis is absent of any bracing and is free to sway and flex under higher g-force loads when driving spiritedly or racing, or on uneven surfaces. Unplugged Performance's Rear Strut Tower Brace solves this issue to eliminate rear chassis flex.

Product Features

  • Improves rigidity for tighter, more predictable handling with less chassis slop, even on the soft standard air suspension.
  • Reduces curb-parked chassis flex from nearly 1” to zero flexion. On-track chassis flex reduction is even larger but more challenging to measure.
  • Nearly infinite reduction in flex between rear shock towers and 92% improvement in overall rigidity.
  • Customers report reduced interior squeaks and rattles in addition to the performance benefits.
  • Designed to retain full functionality of the rear parcel shelf and rear seat folding, and has minimal impact on storage capacity.
  • Easy 4–bolt quick removal and reinstallation. The center X portion of the bar is designed for easy and quick removal for when full rear seat-down storage is desired.
  • Precision-welded mild steel construction with billet machined attachment points and stainless steel hardware.
  • CAD developed and FEA tested for strength.
  • Utilizes factory mounting points.
  • Fully reversible installation with the only modification required being carpet trimming.
  • Black powder coating for a durable, scratch-resistant finish.
  • Any color and finish is available by request at an additional cost.
  • Lifetime warranty & 30-day satisfaction guarantee.
  • All necessary hardware is included.

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