Unplugged Performance 21-23 Model S Plaid Carbon Fiber Racing Brake Duct Kit (UP-MS2-130-1.1)


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Unplugged Performance Carbon Fiber Racing Brake Duct Kit for the 2021-2023 Model S Plaid increases the performance, reliablity, and component life of your brakes while offering an innovative new design with removable magnetic duct covers that eliminate road debris during normal driving.

Product Features

  • Increase performance, reliability and component life for your brakes
  • Aerodynamically optimized front ducts and air guides for maximum effective airflow to the cooling veins and channels in most high-performance rotors
  • Even cooling of the rotors from the inside out for maximum component life
  • Measured maximum temperature reductions of over 200 degrees at the rotor and caliper
  • Carefully designed to avoid interference with suspension articulation and wheel angle
  • Magnetic front duct covers to avoid road debris entering the braking system and avoid any range impact on road trips (easy to install and remove without tools)
  • Replaces Tesla standard dust shield (no cutting of the metal dust shield)
  • Installation requires cutting or removal of plastic grill Tesla part #1564699-00-B
  • Compatible with standard Model S brakes as well as all UP brake kits, and likely any brake kit, but professional installation is recommended
  • Note: All components are specific to the left and right of the vehicle and cannot be interchanged
  • Compatible with any 2021 and newer Model S Plaid and Model S Long Range

Kit Includes

  • 2x Carbon Fiber Front Duct Inlet
  • 2x Carbon Fiber Front Duct Inlet Cover
  • 2x Carbon Fiber Front Duct
  • 2x Carbon Fiber Rotor Air Guide (without clearcoat)
  • 2x High-Temperature Brake Hose
  • All required installation hardware

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