Unplugged Performance 21-23 Model S/Plaid Front Drag Racing/High Efficiency Big Sweep Carbon Ceramic Rotor & Pad Kit (UP-MSMX2-134-3.1)

Unplugged Performance 21-23 Model S/Plaid Front Drag Racing/High Efficiency Big Sweep Carbon Ceramic Rotor & Pad Kit (UP-MSMX2-134-3.1)


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Brake Pad Version

Unplugged Performance Front Drag/High Efficiency Big Sweep Carbon Ceramic Rotor and Pad Kit for the 2021-2023 Model S and Model S Plaid eliminates a massive 32.2lbs of unsprung rotational mass and is developed to enable maximum daily efficiency, response, and acceleration. Despite being 55% lighter than the factory rotors, they manage to be upsized to 394x32mm with a larger pad sweep area. They are produced out of an ultra-durable carbon-silicon-carbide next-generation ceramic rotors method. Specialized high-performance brake pads are included and engineered with a larger-than-factory pad sweep area specially developed for this pairing.

his kit is engineered to utilize the Tesla Model S (2021+) standard caliper. They are optimized for daily use, to maximize efficiency, providing an increased range. The efficient lightweighting is also perfect for drag racing to maximize acceleration. The advantage of staying with the factory caliper is that this is the lightest unsprung and rotational mass option available when optimized for street driving.

Product Features

  • Fits all Tesla Model S Plaid and Model S Long Range 2021+ vehicles and any wheel
  • Each rotor is 12.9lbs (11.8kg) per corner, totaling 25.9lbs. This is a 32lb & 55% reduction in rotational mass compared to 29.1lbs ea / 58.2lbs front axle factory rotors.
  • Improves braking performance and feel
  • Ultra-lightweight long-strand carbon-silicon-carbide ceramic brake rotor set (left and right)
  • Oversized 394mmx32 with larger annulus for increased friction sweep area
  • Oversized large sweep racing-derived Brake Pad to maximize stopping force from the standard caliper
  • Forged 6061-forged aluminum brake hats
  • Includes Caliper Relocation Brackets
  • Lifetime use warranty on the nearly indestructible rotors
  • High-temperature brake fluid is required for install and not included
  • Use of Unplugged's STAINLESS STEEL SPORT BRAKE LINE SET is recommended for any customer using this kit for high-performance driving
  • Customers looking for a racing-optimized brake kit should choose TESLA MODEL S / PLAID SUPERLIGHT CARBON CERAMIC FRONT BIG BRAKE KIT (BBK)
  • Requires removal of the dust shield which traps in heat or replacement of the standard dust shield with CARBON FIBER RACING BRAKE DUCT KIT

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