Unplugged Performance 21-23 Model S Plaid, Model X, Model X Plaid Alcantara Bucket Seat


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Seating Position

Unplugged Performance Alcantara Bucket Racing Seat for the 2021-2023 Model S Plaid, Model X, and Model X Plaid is designed to allow the driver to feel a direct connection to the car.

Product Includes

  • Sparco Carbon QRT-C – SPARCO-UNIV-x002
  • Alcantara Rework Of Seat – UP-UNIV-345-5.1
  • UP Plaid Driver Seat Base – UP-UNIV-345-4.1
  • UP Seat Side Mount – UP-UNIV-368-1.1
  • Sparco Slider – UP-M3-x005
  • UP Seat Belt Tab – UP-UNIV-367-1.1
  • Hardware & Eyebolt – UP-MSMX2-367-1.1
  • 5 Tesla OEM parts – UP-MSMX2-366-1.1

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