Unplugged Performance 21-23 Model S/Plaid UP-03 Lightweight Forged Wheels

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Unplugged Performance UP-03 Lightweight Forged Wheels for the 2017-2023 Model 3 and Model Y are made from aerospace-grade forged aluminum for optimal weight savings and maximal strength. These wheels are specifically designed for the unique demands of Tesla vehicles including the immense weight and wild torque and acceleration, down to small details like TPMS sizing and brake clearance.

Product Features

  • Engineered specifically for the Tesla Model 3
  • Produced in lightweight forged 6061-T6 aerospace-grade aluminum for superior strength
  • Wildly overbuilt 950KG / 2090LB load rating per wheel
  • Super strong I-beam design to eliminate wheel flexion
  • Knurled barrel to reduce the possibility of tire slip during drag racing and aggressive track use
  • Engineered specifically for Tesla TPMS adapters, Tesla lugs and lug nuts
  • Designed to accept Tesla Model 3 and Y factory tires as well as a wide range of other tire options
  • Accepts OEM Original Model 3 Center Caps
  • Proven performance in racing, time attack, and offroad abuse
  • Sold as a set of 4

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