Unplugged Performance 21-23 Model S/Plaid UP x PFC Large Sweep Brake Rotor and Pad Set (UP-MSMX2-118-1.1)

Unplugged Performance 21-23 Model S/Plaid UP x PFC Large Sweep Brake Rotor and Pad Set (UP-MSMX2-118-1.1)


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Front or Rear

Unplugged Performance UP x PFC Large Sweep Brake Rotor and Pad Set for the 2021-2023 Model S and Model S Plaid is designed to maximize braking performance with the factory Tesla brake calipers. The result of this packaging provides an 11% increase in pad sweep along with a 6.5% increase in rotor thickness and approx 40% weight savings, all without relocating the caliper. The pad sweep increase is gained by utilizing a wider annulus rotor and an appropriately sized brake pad to utilize this special pairing. This ensures more usable rotor and pad in the same dimensions, allowing 19″ performance wheel/tire packages to be used (fits all wheels 19-22″). Our engineering ethos around maximizing results with creative integrated engineering keeps rotational mass at a minimum while maximizing brake pad contact area, rotor thickness and therefore maximizing the thermal capacity of the factory calipers.

The rotors utilize PFC’s patented V3 hats which require no bolts in their hyper-efficient attachment to the rotor. PFC engineering and production boasts the highest quality materials to stand up to the harshest of uses on the track. For all of Unplugged's brake upgrades for Tesla Model S Plaid or Long Range, they recommend pairing them with high-temperature racing brake fluid such as Motul RBF 660, PFC RH 665, Endless RF 650, Castrol SRF, or similar racing brake fluids and their Stainless Steel Brake Lines. For track use please combine with their brake duct kit, or competition brake pads and with Tesla’s Track Mode for best results.

Product Features

  • UP x PFC Front Rotors are 34mm vs factory 32mm thickness for increased thermal mass.
  • UP x PFC Front Rotors have a 11% wider annulus than the factory rotor for a maximized sweep.
  • UP x PFC Rear Rotor and Pad combination offers 55mm of sweep vs factory 47mm.
  • Purpose-built rotor and pad combination for 10% more swept area and a thicker rotor.
  • Efficient 2pc lightweight engineering that is approx. 40% lighter (prototypes are 35lbs vs 58lbs for front axle)
  • Maximum thermal mass and maximum pad contact/sweep on the stock caliper.
  • No caliper relocation is required allowing 19″ wheels/tires (and larger) to be used with the lowest rotating mass for improved acceleration and deceleration.
  • Easy replacement of pads and disks independently.
  • Choose either Street or Racing & Competition pads, or pick up an extra set so you can easily swap between them.
  • Unplugged recommends pairing any of their brake upgrades with their UP Stainless Steel Brake Lines and Brake Ducting Kit
  • Unplugged strongly recommends against attempting to use Large Sweep components independently. Large Sweep rotors should only be used with Large Sweep Pads, and Large Sweep Pads should only be used with Large Sweep Rotors.
  • The Front Large Sweep Kit replaces Tesla parts: 1420611-00-C x 2 and 1621000-00-A x 2
  • The Rear Large Sweep Kit replaces Tesla parts: 1420631-00-A x 2 and 1562160-00-A x 2

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